Questions About Using The Family First Response Act For COVID-19 Leave

One of the major concerns for many employees around the country is what they can do if they or a family member get COVID-19 but still need to get paid and retain their jobs. There are several qualifying reasons as to why someone is allowed to use the act for qualified sick leave. Here are some questions you likely have about this law and how it could apply to you.

Do You Need A Doctor To Document The COVID-19 Infection?

It is important now more than ever that employees are taking the time off they need if they suspect they are infected with COVID-19 so that it doesn't spread around the workplace. That is why you do not need a note from a doctor in order to take time off from work. If you suspect you have the disease because you have symptoms or wer and are waiting to get test results back, you will be under a self-quarantine during that time and cannot return to work. Therefore, you do not need a doctor to provide documentation, since being tested should be enough to keep you at home.

What If Your Child's School Or Daycare Is Shut Down?

Being a front-line worker without the benefit of working from home is challenging, because it requires that you have some sort of support during the day to watch your child while you are away at your job. This can is often in the form of a daycare or school that would take care of your child. However, you're likely wondering what you can do if the daycare or school shuts down due to a COVID-19 infection. Thankfully, you can use the Families First Response Act to take the time off you need to watch for a child during this time. This gives you paid time off where you can arrange for someone else to care for your child.

What If Your Child Gets COVID-19 And Must Self-Quarantine At Home?

There is also protection for anybody that is a caretaker for somebody that is infected by COVID-19. This not only includes your child but other family members that need your care during the self-quarantine period. You may be forced to stay home due state laws that do not allow an underage child to be left alone, giving you no other option than to take time off work to care for them.

If you feel you are being denied paid leave from your job due to COVID-19, you'll want to work with a COVID-19 medical leave lawyer in your area that specializes in these cases to fight on your behalf for your lost compensation.