FMLA: Reasons Why You May Need To Consult A Lawyer

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is something that the majority of employers must comply with as it is a federal law. Under FMLA, qualified officials are entitled to twelve full work weeks off without pay within a twelve-month period. A person can qualify for FMLA for a number of reasons, such as having a medical condition, needing to care for a family member with a medical condition, or caring for a new child after birth or adoption. [Read More]

Questions About Using The Family First Response Act For COVID-19 Leave

One of the major concerns for many employees around the country is what they can do if they or a family member get COVID-19 but still need to get paid and retain their jobs. There are several qualifying reasons as to why someone is allowed to use the act for qualified sick leave. Here are some questions you likely have about this law and how it could apply to you. [Read More]

Why A Witness Should Get A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Witness to wrongdoing may not seem like the first reason to hire a criminal lawyer. The world, however, is an odd and sometimes unfair place, even for folks who feel it's their civic duty to serve as witnesses when crimes have been committed. Here are four reasons why you should consider retaining the help of a criminal defense lawyer if you believe you are or worry you will be a witness. [Read More]

Understanding The Fundamentals Of Workplace Sexual Harassment

With the #MeToo movement taking center stage in much of the news, employers are finding themselves increasingly concerned about the potential for sexual harassment in their work environment. Since many employers are undereducated about the legal facts surrounding these charges, it's important that you familiarize yourself with the basics in order to protect your business and your employees. Here are a few things that you need to know. Don't Dismiss Claims Based On Gender [Read More]